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Engagement OFF

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Just weeks before my scheduled wedding day, the long-term relationship I was in disintegrated. Consequently, the plans that I thought I was going to have evaporated virtually overnight.

Very soon thereafter I began falling into a very deep and dark depression.

One hot summer day I drove to the top of a very tall mountain. I determined precisely how I could navigate my car down over the ravine to make it most look like an accident.

I must have sat there for an hour, possibly two. While I was still contemplating what to do, a bright ray of sunshine broke through the trees and into my car windshield. At that moment I was reminded of the other times when my life had almost ended — a serious childhood illness, a near-drowning and a terrible accident. I thought, “If I made it through all of that, then there must be a reason why I’m still here.” I resolved right then and there to spend as long as it took to discover what that is.

I left that mountain road, returning only periodically to reflect upon what might have been. To this day I devote my spare time to serving others and helping people in any way I can. I love life and live it to the fullest. I would encourage anyone visiting this site to do the same.

J.M., Pennsylvania

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